Binishells System B is our greenest solution. It comes in three sizes, 10m, 12m and 15m which are approximately 890sq.ft., 1,350sq.ft. and 2,800.ft. respectively. Binishells System B comes with pre-engineered openings and the capacity to re-use the pneumatic formwork up to 50 times, minimizing cost and waste. The completed shell can be covered by a living or green roof and may be earth bermed. All passive and active green energy technologies and concepts can also be integrated.

The growth in market share seen in the past ten years and predicted in the future for green construction represents an unprecedented change in the construction market. It is estimated that Green Construction will soon account for just over one half market value of new single-family projects in the US. System B’s scalability combined with a potential to provide green housing at price points which otherwise may be unprofitable, opens up the eco-community market to developers and home buyers looking to align themselves with this major market demand. Additionally, System B may be seen as an ideal platform to integrate other energy efficient design concepts and technologies such as passive heating and cooling, evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, solar, wind, geo-thermal, photo-voltaic, green roofs and rain water harvesting to provide net zero, carbon positive or off-the-grid solutions.