Binishells can be built in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and applications. From large multi story public structures to small cost-efficient condominiums, Binishells can do it all. And the flexibility does not stop with shape or size. Binishells provide total flexibility on the interior as well, since typically no load bearing walls or columns are necessary.

Exterior Flexibility: Unlike other air-form based construction technologies, Binishells do not require circular plans. The plans and exterior shapes of Binishells have an infinite variety. Like nature, Binishells do not have right angles, with this exception we can realize almost any shape.

Interior Flexibility:

Like crustaceans, Binishells have an exoskeleton which supports and protects the interior. This structural shell is self-supporting and transfers all exterior loading directly to the perimeter foundation. As such, no interior bearing walls are required. This allows for total interior flexibility.

Life-cycle Flexibility:

Adaptive re-use allows buildings to be re-purposed as necessary. The lack of interior bearing structure within Binishells optimizes their ability to be easily and quickly re-purposed, making them highly effective both in terms of their life-cycle footprint and their return on investment.