Binishells System A is our most flexible technology. It is designed for high-end projects in residential, hospitality and infrastructure. These sectors are of primary interest, especially in our launch phase. System A creates the sinuous, curvilinear, organic forms which are in architectural vogue today. Organically shaped works adorn the skylines of the world’s major cities and the pages of today’s architectural magazines. Shaping these buildings, using traditional means implies that straight or sheet construction material be warped or bent to suit the organic contours specified by the architect. This is not only wasteful but philosophically inconsistent. Binishells instead rely on low air pressure to sustain formwork and all the required structural materials for buildings whose curvilinear shape results inherently from the construction process itself. The added strength and construction speed as well as lowered cost and environmental impact represent other clear advantages. These aesthetic, philosophical and practical advantages have been instrumental in gaining the endorsements of respected taste-makers.