Binishells grants licenses for all our current and future technologies to qualified contractors or developers. In addition to granting licenses and in exchange for licensing fees, Binishells will support our partners in a number of ways. Binishells provides architectural and engineering services (to be reviewed and endorsed by local professionals) as well as any necessary construction oversight. Binishells also provides marketing support to our partners. The partner will work to develop and win bids, will manage construction and will maintain the confidentiality of intellectual property.

Binishells also encourages technology-based collaboration. Binishells and the Partner may elect to collaborate to develop and/or test a new technologies based on local needs or opportunities. Once the project parameters, roles and responsibilities, and methods for identifying, transferring and retaining IP rights are jointly agreed to, the two companies work together towards the shared goals.

If you are an interested contractor or developer, the following next steps are recommended:

  • 1. After reading our FAQs, us the contact tab to contact us
  • 2. Review our 1pg. licensing summary and answer our questionnaire
  • 3. Sign our NDA and schedule meetings and/or conference calls to discuss technical, legal and business issues
  • 4. Sign LOU and Complete Regional Business Plan
  • 5. Sign Licensing agreement and execute launch project(s)